Philosophy of Mind (Audio Course)



Look briefly at a bright light, then close your eyes and focus on what you see. You should detect an “afterimage,” which starts out brightly then begins to fade. But now ask, “Where exactly is this (say) greenish image you see?” It’s not outside your head, since your eyes are closed. Nor is it inside your head: there’s nothing green inside your eyelids, nor on your retina, nor inside your brain, which is just a lot of wet, mushy gray-and-white stuff. So if the greenish image is neither outside nor inside your head, where is it?

     Welcome to the Philosophy of Mind.

     What is the nature of mind, and how does it relate to the body? Could consciousness just be a physical state of the brain? What does it mean to “think”? Can computers ever truly think, or do they merely simulate thinking? This course examines various philosophical attempts to make sense of the mind, and of matter, and of the relationship between them. (Includes a 94-page course booklet.)