The God Question: what famous

thinkers from plato to dawkins have

said about the divine


What, if anything, can legitimately be said about God? The greatest thinkers have long sought to clarify the idea of a “supreme being” by examining the many perplexing conundrums that the idea raisesand trying to determine whether, in the end, it is reasonable to believe in such a being. The debate rages to this very day, with a recent spate of best-selling books on both sides of the divide.

    Revealing the thoughts of the most important philosophers, both historical and contemporary, The God Question concisely presents the most interesting arguments from the faithful, the atheistic, and the even downright heretical. Its light-hearted prose will give you captivating insights into a wide array of God-related puzzles, whether or not you are religiously inclined.

(Also available in Italian!)

"A really excellent book - next to faultless in its presentation."

    Tim Mawson – Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Oxford

"Brilliantly succinct. If you want to know what the greatest minds of the past 2500 years said on the most contentious issue ever, you simply must start with this book." Michael Shermer – Founding Publisher of Skeptic Magazine and author of Why People Believe Weird Things

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