The 60-Second Philosopher: expand your

mind on a minute (or so) a day!


This little book delivers 60 streamlined jolts of one-minute wisdom that will delight aspiring thinkers everywhere. Time travel, morality, happiness, and freedom all come under the scalpel as Andrew Pessin swiftly dissects a plethora of ideas with wit and insight. Expand your mind, pique your curiosity, and tickle your funny bone a little bit every dayall before your coffee break ends.

    Just some of the surprising ideas you will encounter:

     •Time is an illusion

     •Intolerance is a virtue

     •You are not what you eat 

     •You can’t prove you’re not dreaming; so everything you believe about the world might be false

     •Colors exist only in your mind

     •All the factors which determine your choices are out of your controlso you don’t have free will

     •Despite its many miseries, this is the best of all possible worlds

(Also available in Korean, Turkish, Chinese, and Portuguese!)

“Neat and provocative!  The perfect start to thinking more deeply about life, the universe, and everything.”

     --Timothy Chappell, Professor of Philosophy, The Open University

“A potpourri of philosophical ideas!  Written with a deft hand and a light touch.”

    --Martin Cohen, Author of 101 Philosophy Problem

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